Viewing Gum Listening Post #19

N-n-n-n-n-nineteen. N-n-nineteen. Nineteen! Apparently, as a tiny child, Paul Hardcastle’s ’19’ was my favourite song on account of it being the number of our house. Obviously none of the war and tragedy stuff caught my attention – but hey, when you’re a child, simply recognising numbers correctly was something to celebrate. And so too do we all celebrate a new Viewing Gum Listening Post. Yay! And a bumper one at that! As ever, it kicks off pretty boisterous and ends up more melancholy and contemplative, but if you didn’t know the procedure by now, you’ll never learn. Stream this sucker below or click nyah for thirteen tip-top tunes handpicked by yours truly.


  1. Röyksopp & Robyn – Do It Again
  2. Tobacco – Eruption (Gonna Get My Hair Cut At The End of the Summer)
  3. Bo Ningen – Slider
  4. The Afghan Whigs – Matamoros
  5. Conor Oberst – Governor’s Ball
  6. Doe Eye – The House I Grew Up In
  7. The Phantom Band – The Wind That Cried The World
  8. Phosphorescent – Ride On / Right On
  9. Tom Vek – Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)
  10. Owen Pallett – The Sky Behind the Flag
  11. Duologue – Operator
  12. The Antlers – Palace
  13. Alexis Taylor – Closer To The Elderly



Tokyo Soundscape Episode 20

Tokyo Soundscape

On this edition of Tokyo Soundscape, we look to the future and to the past, but both from a decidedly alternative point of view, with tracks from acts straight out of leftfield, deep underground, or high above in the cosmos. It’s one hell of a trip, and you’re all invited along for the ride.

  1. Jesse Ruins – Dream Analysis
  2. Hotel Mexico – Wolves Running Through the Desert
  3. New House – He Howls
  4. Bo Ningen – Henkan
  5. Shintaro Sakamoto – You Just Decided
  6. The Swing West – Fire
  7. D’Swooners – Please Please Trina
  8. Flied Egg – Rolling Down the Broadway
  9. Shinki Chen – Freedom of a Mad Paper Lantern
  10. Speed, Glue & Shinki – Don’t Say No
  11. Far East Family Band – Ascension