Viewing Gum is a blog that runs the full gamut of media and entertainment consumption, with views, reviews, features, and opinions from myself, Rory Steele. All posts from July 2011 earlier were imported from my earlier blog, RoryView, which was largely review led (for a good example of a post that wasn’t, why not try my Feature on Upsetting Films of the Last Decade). But this is an attempt to bring a greater scope to the variety of posts on offer, not just focused on new releases or current points of discussion, and not bound by a need to fill up a word count or explain myself. Hopefully, you may get something out of it too. I also now have a Tumblr page for shorter messages, videos, photos and other things that catch my eye and might be of interest.

If you do find something to like, you can always follow me on Twitter and you might get pithy musings pop up on your feed too. I also host Tokyo Soundscape, a Japanese music podcast on SOAS Radio, which you can listen to here.