Tokyo Soundscape Episode 21

Tokyo Soundscape

Apologies for bunching up all these playlists and shows, but actual proper articles forthcoming over the Christmas/New Year period are coming (including the culmination of the 2012 Cracker Joke challenger, a feature on product placement, and my top films, albums and soundtracks of the year). But first, to kick off the festive mood, a Tokyo Soundscape Christmas Special! Well, half a Christmas Special, the rest is a collection of tracks new and old, odds and ends, but all jolly good fun. More Soundscape next year no doubt, but until then, メリクリ!

  1. Cubismo Grafico – Candy Favourite Shoes
  2. Shugo Tokumaru – Parachute
  3. Ken Kobayashi – Orange Boxes
  4. Hifana (feat. Kotobuki) – Uchi-Nan-Champroo
  5. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Radio Junk (live at The Bottom Line, New York on 6th November 1979)
  6. INU -気い狂て
  7. Shonen Knife – Sweet Christmas
  8. Judy And Mary – クリスマス
  9. World’s End Girlfriend – Jaichel Mackson
  10. Pizzicato Five – 12月24日
  11. Kick the Can Crew – クリスマス・イブ Rap

Tokyo Soundscape Episode 20

Tokyo Soundscape

On this edition of Tokyo Soundscape, we look to the future and to the past, but both from a decidedly alternative point of view, with tracks from acts straight out of leftfield, deep underground, or high above in the cosmos. It’s one hell of a trip, and you’re all invited along for the ride.

  1. Jesse Ruins – Dream Analysis
  2. Hotel Mexico – Wolves Running Through the Desert
  3. New House – He Howls
  4. Bo Ningen – Henkan
  5. Shintaro Sakamoto – You Just Decided
  6. The Swing West – Fire
  7. D’Swooners – Please Please Trina
  8. Flied Egg – Rolling Down the Broadway
  9. Shinki Chen – Freedom of a Mad Paper Lantern
  10. Speed, Glue & Shinki – Don’t Say No
  11. Far East Family Band – Ascension

Tokyo Soundscape Episode 19

No sooner did I add a new Spotify playlist, than my new Tokyo Soundscape episode is available for your listening pleasure. There’s a lot of new stuff, but also a bunch of groovy 60’s pop classics too. You can stream and download from here, tracklist below. Hopefully will have another one in the not too distant future.

  1. Jun Mayuzumi – Black Room
  2. The Mirraz – Kimochi Warii
  3. TsuShiMaMiRe – Cat is not really affable Creature
  4. TOQUIWA – Give Me A Chocolate!!
  5. Budo Grape – True Love
  6. Peelander-Z – Space Vacation
  7. Prof. Sakamoto – 8bit shower
  8. OVERROCKET – Music Kills
  9. Linda Yamamoto – Koi No Ban Ban
  10. The Jaguars – Dancing Lonely Night
  11. Lamb (JPN) – Orange Grove
  12. Toe – Run for Word
  13. Susumu Yokota – Her Feminineness

Tokyo Soundscape Episode 18

Okay, so it didn’t take too long, but here’s a new Tokyo Soundscape podcast, spanning some 60 years of Japanese music over some 60 minutes. To stream or download, click here, or listen on iTunes here.

  1. Tomoyasu Hotei – DECALOGUE
  2. Taffy – =3
  3. Turntable Films – Ghost Dance
  4. PaperBagLunchbox – akeboshi
  5. Boris – Spoon
  6. Hosome – Be Against The Daily
  7. Sonic Coaster Pop – Socopogogo
  8. YUKARI FRESH – Paul Scholes
  9. Hifana, Mieko Hirota – はじめての恋人 (90 Warped Remix)
  10. Hibari Misora – Kappa Boogie Woogie
  11. iLL – Kiss
  12. Flower Travellin’ Band – House of the Rising Sun

Tokyo Soundscape Episode 17: Salyu x Salyu Interview

I’ve mentioned it before (in my post A Personal Document of How I Came to Love Japanese Music), but I host a Japanese music podcast on SOAS Radio by the name of Tokyo Soundscape. I thought I might as well start posting about it here as well, because my latest episode is really worth listening to. Not only is there the usual mix of triffic tunes and silly rambling chatter from yours truly, but this edition features a great big interview with singer Salyu and writer/producer Keigo Oyamada (aka Cornelius – one of my all time heroes), plus Yumiko Ohno and Asa-chang, ahead of their salyu x salyu show at the Jazz Cafe in London last month.

Please give it a listen/download here – and you can find the tracklist below – and don’t forget to like the Facebook page while you’re at it.

NOKIES! – We Are News In The Dance Floor
Miila and the Geeks – CIGARETTE & WATER
salyu x salyu – Tadano Tomodachi
salyu x salyu – Dorei
salyu x salyu – Hanashitai Anatato
DJ Kentaro – Handmade Gift (feat Little Tempo)
Marewrew – Sa Oy
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra – Come On!
Guitar Wolf – Summertime Blues

I should have another new episode up in the next couple of weeks, but by all means trawl through the back catalogue for ace Japanese music too.