Homeland Series One: The Debrief


There’s something about Homeland that just doesn’t sit right. Throughout the whole of the first series, it never wanted to settle into a groove, or tow the party line, which is fine for what the show is, a tense psychological ‘war on terror’ thriller in which nothing can be trusted, even the main protagonist’s own senses. But at the same time, its fidgetiness soon became exhausting, and exhaustion bred dullness, encapsulated in its headache of a title sequence. It felt like 5 different dramas all competing against each other at once, the various characters and plot strands all pulling and pushing in different directions, never quite gelling as well as it should. So much plot and so many revelations were crammed into just the pilot episode it’s a wonder it didn’t all buckle under the strain sooner.

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Tumbling Gum

It’s probably about time I pointed out that Viewing Gum now has a Tumblr page. It’s largely comprised of photos, videos and links to things which might be of interest to those who find the main content here of interest (so fairly film, TV, video games, and music-centric). Of course, all the reviews, features and articles will continue to be posted here (should have a new one up tomorrow), and you can still follow me on Twitter if you want your info and thoughts tiddlier, but it’s just another channel in which I may indulge myself. Yeah? Yeah!