2013: Films of the Year

Wonky eye-displeasing pretentious PhotoShop job? It must be an end of year list!

Wonky eye-displeasing pretentious PhotoShop job? It must be an end of year list!

So here, for the few that care, are ten films are kinda liked that had a UK release date no earlier than January 1st 2013 (hence older films included), but not necessarily have had a UK release before 31st December 2013 (hence some festival films included too). If you want an idea of the pool of films from which I’ve taken my choices, I’ve reviewed every film (old and new) I’ve seen for the first time this year on Tumblr. These are not the objectively best films – I have issues with most of the films below – but these are a bunch which struck a chord and for whatever reason were kicking around my head the most thinking back over 2013.

#1. It’s Such a Beautiful Day

It’s Such A Beautiful Day manages more genuine profundity, earned emotion, and moments of cosmic beauty than The Tree of Life in half the time and with a fraction of the resources – all that, and there’s still room for great jokes.”

#2. The Kings of Summer

“…a well-rounded and wholly satisfying movie like few I’ve seen this year. Fantastic, refreshing and just damn funny, The Kings of Summer is an absolute treasure.”

#3. Under the Skin

“…filled with such startling imagery, bolstered by a dark, hypnotic score by Mica Levi and drenched in a rich, tense atmosphere, anything explicitly explained would detract from the experience, and an excellent one at that.”

#4. Inside Llewyn Davis

“It’s often very funny, though it is its bleakness that leaves the most impact, mining the most depressing situations to great effect. Excellent.”

#5. The Act of Killing

“…in bringing in to focus a horrible episode in mankind’s history and highlighting how little has changed in the interim, while simultaneously offering incredibly vivid imagery and an in-depth portrait of a key figure in it all, The Act of Killing is a unique experience.”

#6. Gravity

Gravity is effectively an honest, stripped back disaster movie, but with all the catastrophe and wonder brought down to a very focused, personal scale, and it is pulled off with impeccable skill.”

#7. Bullhead

“Just like its central character, on the surface Bullhead appears to be mostly about meat, steroids and machismo, but deep down it hides an aching sadness…it is Schoenaerts’ imposing presence, both physically and emotionally, that dominates and lingers longest in the mind.”

#8. The Place Beyond the Pines

“…its scope and ambition is part of why it remains compelling and engrossing…a satisfying and rich piece of work that wears its heart (and flaws) on its sleeve.”

#9. Stoker

Stoker is a peach of a film – ripe and juicy, with a hard stone at its centre. Subtle it certainly isn’t, but that’s where the fun of the film lies.”

#10. Warm Bodies

“…perhaps the best zombie performance since Bub in Day of the Dead…the love story at the centre of Warm Bodies is so delightfully played, funny and charming, its blunders elsewhere can be largely forgiven.”


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