Viewing Gum Listening Post #11

Is there anything more appropriate then marking number 11 in the ongoing Viewing Gum Listening Post saga, with 11 songs? How about having one more? Yes! So 12 songs then! Hmm, well, how about you give it a listen, and let me know which one you would have ditched. Will it be Norway’s Eurovision entry? The eagerly awaited return of Boards of Canada? Or chiprock cool-kids Anamanaguchi? In fact, this is a fairly digi-friendly playlist, even more than usual, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for all sorts of other pretty fine genre-spanning stuff too. You know the drill, stream below, or click here to open separately. Yup, VGLP goes all the way up to 11!


  1. The Bins – Darling, (Feat. Doe Eye)
  2. Sigur Ros – Isjaki
  3. Anamanaguchi – Planet
  4. ADULT. – Nothing Lasts
  5. Margaret Berger – I Feed You My Love
  6. Solar Bears – A Sky Darkly
  7. Jon Hopkins – We Disappear
  8. Boards of Canada – Reach For The Dead
  9. Is Tropical – Dancing Anymore
  10. Camera Obscura – Troublemaker
  11. Queens of the Stone Age – If I Had A Tail
  12. Vampire Weekend – Diane Young

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