Viewing Gum Listening Post #9

YEESH! I mean, damn, that new Spotify update is a little bit of one step forward, two steps back, no? I mean, it was inevitable they would try to make it all super sociable, where everyone is sharing music with everyone. Yes, I understand that sounds stupid coming from someone actively asking people to listen to his playlists and share them (and if you like ’em, subscribe, tell your friends, recommend me stuff I’d like based on what you hear here!), but I’d rather do it through external channels rather than having it all integrated into the player itself. And I usually hate people who complain about software updates. Look what you’ve done Spotify – I have become someone I hate!

Ah, never mind! It’s not actually that bad, I’ll get used to it, yadda yadda yadda. PLAYLIST TIME! Lots of fun stuff here – new stuff from old artists, old stuff from old artists, new stuff from new artists, no old stuff from new artists though. Damn. Missed a trick. All good though! Stream below, or click here, or just look at the list below and imagine what it would all sound like based purely on the names of the songs and singers. Go on. Imagine.


  1. PVT – Shiver
  2. Post War Years – All Eyes
  3. Foals – Inhaler
  4. Phoenix – Entertainment
  5. Shugo Tokumaru – Katachi
  6. Muddy Waters – Tom Cat
  7. David Bowie – I’ll Take You There
  8. Scott Walker – Jackie
  9. Woodkid – The Great Escape
  10. John Grant – You Don’t Have To
  11. Atoms For Peace – Default
  12. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – We No Who U R

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