Viewing Gum Listening Post #8

Ready those eardrums, for the Viewing Gum Listening Post is back! After a brief spell dipping into Best of Compilations for Music of 2012 and Soundtracks of 2012, normal service has resumed. Well, I say normal, but the January new release lull sees this edition more bolstered than usual by older tracks, as well as those that just plum slipped me by or haven’t found their way on to a playlist yet. So alongside new material from old hands Eels and David Bowie (!) and relative up-and-comers such as Darwin Deez and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, I’ve dropped in classics from Echo and the Bunnymen, Public Image Limited and even Shirley Bassey. Eclectic just don’t do it justice.

So here it is! Clicky to open or stream below. And it’s just in time too, as it seems like every band or musician I like has got an album landing imminently, so expect more Listening Posts throughout 2013, which is shaping up to be a real sonic doozy already.


  1. The Hickey Underworld – Blonde Fire
  2. Eels – New Alphabet
  3. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – One At A Time
  4. Matthew E. White – Big Love
  5. Veronica Falls – Waiting For Something To Happen
  6. Echo and the Bunnymen – The Cutter
  7. Dutch Uncles – Flexxin
  8. Darwin Deez – Redshift
  9. Public Image Limited – The Order of Death
  10. Simian Ghost – Be My Wife
  11. David Bowie – Where Are We Now?
  12. Shirley Bassey – Excuse Me

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