Viewing Gum Listening Post #7

A new Viewing Gum Listening Post? Already?! Yes, sorry to bunch them all up VGLP fan(s), but as I said before, I had sat on the last one for a silly amount of time, and before we get into December (i.e. the month of past year recaps and top 10 lists et al), thought it would be good to have on quick spurt of fresh musicality before we get all rose-tinted and misty-eyed over Twenty Twelve.

This time round its more about instrumental electro-quirk and similarly tinged asymmetrical guitar heroics, but there’s a couple of breaks from the abnorm, and we close on one of the bestest tracks I’ve heard all year. Hmmm, lots to look forward to then. See you soon for a full music of the year summary – but for now, lucky number seven’s in town!

  1. Jesse Ruins – Dream Analysis
  2. Sweet Valley – Where Will I Go
  3. Lindstrøm – Rà-àkõ-st
  4. Everything Everything – Cough Cough
  5. Of Montreal – Tender Fax
  6. Siinai – Finish Line
  7. Zombie Zombie – Watch the World from a Plane
  8. Crystal Castles – Wrath of God
  9. The Bryan Ferry Orchestra – Virginia Plain
  10. Dark Dark Dark – Patsy Cline
  11. Bat For Lashes – Laura

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