Tokyo Soundscape Episode 19

No sooner did I add a new Spotify playlist, than my new Tokyo Soundscape episode is available for your listening pleasure. There’s a lot of new stuff, but also a bunch of groovy 60’s pop classics too. You can stream and download from here, tracklist below. Hopefully will have another one in the not too distant future.

  1. Jun Mayuzumi – Black Room
  2. The Mirraz – Kimochi Warii
  3. TsuShiMaMiRe – Cat is not really affable Creature
  4. TOQUIWA – Give Me A Chocolate!!
  5. Budo Grape – True Love
  6. Peelander-Z – Space Vacation
  7. Prof. Sakamoto – 8bit shower
  8. OVERROCKET – Music Kills
  9. Linda Yamamoto – Koi No Ban Ban
  10. The Jaguars – Dancing Lonely Night
  11. Lamb (JPN) – Orange Grove
  12. Toe – Run for Word
  13. Susumu Yokota – Her Feminineness

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