London Film Festival 2012 – Your Handy Release Date Comparison Guide!

The line-up for the 56th BFI London Film Festival was announced today, and as movie journalists across the land enthusiastically digested its contents, there was only one thing I had in mind, something the critics and bloggers often ignore, especially peculiar given that this festival is very much a public event. No, it’s not which films had the most buzz, or were going to be awards front-runners, or had previously garnered press attention and accolades at earlier fests in the year. Rather, as a regular Joe Punter, my question was simple: which films have the furthest gap in between their LFF screening and their currently scheduled release date?

Of course, the issue of what purpose film festivals have at all is a big and juicy one for another time, but in my position, its just a chance to see films months before they officially come out so I can act all smug and be a know-it-all, or to pick more obscure, often foreign language, titles that may not even see another screening on these shores again. Why anyone would pay top dollar to see a film that is not only guaranteed a UK release, but will be out in most cinemas across the country mere days afterwards strikes me as desperate wannabe showboating (this cropped up in my preview last year re: We Need To Talk About Kevin). Oh sure, I’ll be refreshing that ticket booking page trying to snag a Surprise Film ticket in the hope that it will be The Master (LFF: 20 Oct, UK: 9 Nov, 20 Days Difference) just like everybody else, but in some cases, no matter how excited you might be or how desperate you are to “walk the red carpet”, it’s really not worth it.

So here’s my quick rundown of those films screening at the LFF which already have confirmed UK release dates according to Launching Films in numerical order of difference in days between their initial LFF screening date and their general release (so you can get an idea of which ones may be worth seeking out and what your patience threshold might be) – please pick me up any errors, date or arithmetic wise! Of course, there’ll be those which will inevitably get a release date very close to their festival debut in the meantime (e.g. Seven Psychopaths), but these are ones you should maybe avoid splashing the cash on/reconsider losing any sleep over if you can’t get tickets. Basically, anything released in 2013 is worth a shot if you want to be REALLY ahead of the curve. Whether these films end up being any good is another thing…

6 Days Difference

Ginger and Rosa (LFF: 13 Oct, UK: 19 Oct)

7 Days Difference

Frankenweenie 3D (LFF: 10 Oct, UK: 17 Oct) <– and it’s also being shown in 30 cinemas nationwide

Beasts of the Southern Wild (LFF: 12 Oct UK: 19 Oct)

15 Days Difference

Room 237 (LFF: 11 Oct, UK: 26 Oct)

16 Days Difference

Sister (LFF: 12 Oct, UK: 26 Oct)

20 Days Difference

Rust and Bone (LFF: 13 Oct, UK: 2 Nov)

22 Days Difference

The Sapphires (LFF: 15 Oct, UK: 2 Nov)

23 Days Difference

Keep The Lights On (LFF: 16 Oct, UK: 2 Nov)

29 Days Difference

Argo (LFF: 17 Oct, UK: 9 Nov)

35 Days Difference

Lawrence of Arabia Re-Release (LFF: 20 Oct, UK: 16 Nov)

36 Days Difference

Amour (LFF: 11 Oct, UK: 16 Nov)

40 Days Difference

Great Expectations (LFF: 21 Oct, UK: 30 Nov)

41 Days Difference

Sightseers (LFF: 20 Oct, UK: 30 Nov)

43 Days Difference

End of Watch (LFF: 11 Oct, UK: 23 Nov)

50 Days Difference

The Hunt (LFF: 11 Oct, UK: 30 Nov)

Laurence Anyways (LFF: 11 Oct, UK: 30 Nov)

54 Days Difference

I, Anna (LFF: 14 Oct, UK: 7 Dec)

57 Days Difference

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? Re-Release (LFF: 18 Oct, UK: 14 Dec)

81 Days Difference

Quartet (LFF: 15 Oct, UK: 4 Jan)

94 Days Difference

The Sessions (LFF: 16 Oct, UK: 18 Jan)

108 Days Difference

Hyde Park on Hudson (LFF: 16 Oct, UK: 1 Feb)

116 Days Difference

No (LFF: 15 Oct, UK: 8 Feb)

164 Days Difference!

In The House (LFF: 16 Oct, UK: 29 Mar)


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