Tokyo Soundscape Episode 18

Okay, so it didn’t take too long, but here’s a new Tokyo Soundscape podcast, spanning some 60 years of Japanese music over some 60 minutes. To stream or download, click here, or listen on iTunes here.

  1. Tomoyasu Hotei – DECALOGUE
  2. Taffy – =3
  3. Turntable Films – Ghost Dance
  4. PaperBagLunchbox – akeboshi
  5. Boris – Spoon
  6. Hosome – Be Against The Daily
  7. Sonic Coaster Pop – Socopogogo
  8. YUKARI FRESH – Paul Scholes
  9. Hifana, Mieko Hirota – はじめての恋人 (90 Warped Remix)
  10. Hibari Misora – Kappa Boogie Woogie
  11. iLL – Kiss
  12. Flower Travellin’ Band – House of the Rising Sun

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