A question regarding the depiction of videogame culture in spin-off rap music videos

The Most Abysmal Man Alive in the Universe Today™, Snoop Dogg, was recently announced to be included in Namco Bandai’s forthcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2, sat on a golden throne in the background of a special Doggy-Dogg themed pimp lair stage, accompanied by  dancy lady types. Quite for how, and for why, remains a bafflement – it’s certainly one of the more bizarre hook-ups between the videogame and music worlds.  But that’s not all, as The Rt Hon. Mr. Snizzle P.I.M.P  is also responsible for his own stage’s BGM, entitled Knocc ‘Em Down. Which begs the following question:

Since when did THIS become cool…


…and THIS uncool?


Of course, we all know the very zenith of videogame-related rap has already been achieved:


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