O Canada

If you’ve been to any recent Bug show at the BFI Southbank in the past few months, you will have no doubt have experienced some of the work of Barcelona-based directing team CANADA. Comprised of directing trio Luis Cerveró, Nicolás Méndez and Lope Serrano, CANADA have been making a name for themselves with their distinctive promos, adverts, installations and other video works since 2008. Foregoing digital jiggerypokery and special effects, CANADA instead try to recapture a nostalgic view of a past that no longer exists, or perhaps never even did, but shot with a modern sensibility. Their music videos not only look exceptional, but are so crammed with startling images and concepts, they could have easily focused on any one idea and spun a whole new tangential video out of it. The fast cut flicking from shot to shot just adds to the dreamlike quality they capture time after time. So, here are just a few examples of CANADA‘s videos shown at Bug to give you a flavour of what they’re all about. WARNING! CONTAINS BOOBIES!

El Guincho – Bombay

Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light

Battles – Ice Cream

Oh Land – White Nights

For more on CANADA, check out their official website.


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